Random Snapshots

Roger Federer did not make it into the Rome Tennis Masters Semi-finals.


I've always regarded him as some sort of superhero with demi-god composure. If you've watched Federer play - you'll surely notice how calm he is, whether he is losing or winning a match.

Viewing the battlematch live on ASTRO, I started scrolling through pictures that were previously snapped and stored in my Razr V8 - while waiting for the ball pickers to uh, pick up the balls.

Based on my observation - there is certainly a high level of criteria set (maybe even higher than Ms Universe) to qualify as a ball picker since most of them can hit the runway as fashion models.

Back to my picture findings in my mobile:

10% were random shots which I'm about to share with you.

90% represented a certain someone which I'm clearly not sharing.=)

These are the 10%:

Favourite Black Hokkien Mee at Jalan Maharajalela. If you don't know where it is - bring me along and I'll direct you there.

My engineering degree finally made to good use with a super creation model using the theory of trusses.

Me painting, or at least trying to - during the Smart Kids exhibition.

Yes, thats a cloud if you couldn't tell.

FYI, I stopped painting when a little 5 year old girl came up to me and asked "Kor-kor, what is that?"

Brand new coffee brand in town - Tarbucks.

No, I did not Photoshop the 'S' off.

Carpark pillars! It always upsets me when I can't find my vehicle. I wonder if its just me.

Anyway, the green pillar shot reminded me of a meetup with Yvonne Foong at Subang Parade couple weeks back.

I'm sure most of you have heard of her or even know her personally.

For myself, its ironic how we've crossed paths many times but have never met face to face - attending the same school (yes, SMSJ rocks), SIFE fashion show and the AYA Dream Malaysia Awards.

Our introductory session started with comfortable small talk - leading to dinner, a truckload of drinks and yummy cakes.

Sharing stories of mutual high school struggles with Mr. Sim (who is a pain in the ass) to raising more than RM200,000 through Heart4Hope - we talked for hours about everything under the sun.

Her entrepreneurship aspirations are phenomenal.

Meeting Summary: Yvonne was extremely inspirational.

I was mind blowned.


  1. It's quite funny when you have to snap the car park pillars in case you lose track of your car. I've never thought of this method before. I guess it's very useful for me since I'm that kind of person. Always lose track of my dad's car, which is scary.

  2. Are you familiar with SIFE too Joel? Well, just so that you have mentioned about SIFE, i am part of SIFE too, as the Vice-President for the New Zealand division!


  3. interesting, where is this tarbucks place?

  4. No wonder so many Starbucks close down in U.S.They're replaced by this Tarbucks chain.haha