The Future of Interactive Communication pt II

Face book invasion!!

Remember Denise and her strange remarks on Windows Live...

She's back.

Now, being Michelle - she has perused other forms of interactive communication tools.

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Talk about being persistant - i think she would be quite befitting as an entrepreneur.

The Firm Season III, maybe?


  1. You know what? We should so shoot a horror flick on this.

  2. poison pen letters eh.=)

  3. Eh joel neoh you damn bad la. I mean, knowing she probably reads your blog, imagine this is what will greet her! Public humiliation!

    It'll be a different thing altogether if we knew she isnt like.. y'know, stalkerish or something la. tee hee BTW IM STILL POSSESSIVE OK buuuugger.

  4. Hey Joel! I can see that you have a persistent fan there! Ever wondered creating a fan club so that all such messages can be channeled to one source instead of fearing it being communicated to you via multiple communication channels available?

  5. yeh. denise, uh, michelle is a budding entrepreneur eh. i wont be surprised if i stumble upon a billboard with your photo on it some day - photoshopped with her face riiiiight next to yours, of course.

    i'd like to call that maximising advertising & branding budget. :D

    btw, i think she probably got the inspiration from this youtube vid:

  6. wah, very persistent eh? that's a virtue no?
    perhaps u shud give her a chance. :P who knows wat might greet u?

  7. wahahaha.

    immi is equally as evil.

    i like.

  8. joanne: hi five! :)
    btw, been reading ur blog occasionally. am enjoying it! :)

  9. lol...u just made her day (again)!

    Yea, in a way or other, like what estherlauderlyn said, "Public humiliation" to her...but it can be a great attention or perhaps, advertising to her.

    ...and she'll continues to wonder~
    "WOW! Joel blog bout me again!"
    LOL! ;p

    and...and..after a few weeks, Mr Joel Neoh will have another post up..."The Future of Interactive Communication pt III"...(a new series is yet to come~) LOL...

    psst..don't take it too seriously, Joel! XD

  10. lauderlyn: don't say "buuuugger".=)

    michael: joanne has thought of that. apparently the business model and revenue stream is to slow for her. i'm sure its not exciting enough to match your aspirations.

    immi+joanne: same-lah u guys. uh, girls.

    jade: you're thinking about advertising too much. must be from creactive. anyway saw a pic of you guys in ADOI! awesome stuff.

  11. lol...

    yea, we went for Ken Cato's talk on branding. was great! =)