MOTOSTORE - Malaysia's First

Motorola opened its first concept store, MOTOSTORE, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur - Suria KLCC, to facilitate the learning process of integrating mobile technology into our current lifestyles. This launch, I believe, demonstrates Motorola's commitment to address the emerging needs of Malaysia's mobile consumers and builds on the company's already strong presence in the Malaysian market.

As a brand known for its endless breakthroughs in areas of telecommunication, Motorola sets the benchmark of service excellence and consumer friendliness. The evolution from your conventional mobile phone stalls to specialized concept stores is a signpost of sensitivity to consumer needs and provision of better customer service by the brand itself.

The launch of Malaysia's first MOTOSTORE. (L-R) Azizan Nin,Motorola Ambassador; Zulkifli Mat Jusoh, Head of Marketing, Motorola; Joel, Motorola Youth Ambassador; Eric Chong, Country Manager, Motorola; Calvin, Operator of MotoStore.

The store is more than just a showcase of Motorola's trendy phone models and accessories equipped with spearheading technology; a consumer-friendly facility, MotoStore offers personalized mobile services which enriches your multimedia experience, ranging from exclusive ring tone purchases and personal photo printing to model outlook customization which allows you to modify your mobile phone to your liking.

In light of all things new, the brand also added yet another phone model release to its name. Its latest whiz in such gadgetry - the sleek, sophisticated and edgy Motorola RAZR2 V8 - is no less an awe, especially to brand loyals such as myself. A centrepoint where razor sharp technology coincides with consumer's personalized choice and taste, this phone model is evidence that technology has taken a paradigm shift where networks and systems are embedded in one gadget, bringing us consumers cutting edge technology with style.

Dig in for more information about the RAZR2 V8 here.

With the emergence of the concept store and the RAZR2 V8, we, the consumers, are left with an intense anticipation of what innovation the brand will be surprising us with next.

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  1. I've seen the V8 and it looks really good. Joel, congratulations on winning The Firm. It gives me great motivation to watch a driven youth like yourself being the youngest champion of the show. By the way, did you get to take home the V8? ;)

  2. i like motorola phones too. very nice designs. there is more reason to like it now. keke.

  3. hi joel...

    a very neat blog.. ^^
    btw, congratz on winning da firm..
    well, actually i foreseen dat u gonna become da winner oredi since halfway of the season..
    n yah! at da end, its really u =)

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  5. Star newspaper did a cover on this right? I saw your pic with the others holding a motorola handphone. :)
    Congrats on your win.

    Ps: How come I click on somethings on your official site like the episodes on 'The Firm' and appearances but nothing comes out? Is it not ready yet?

  6. Hi Miss Jojo.

    Yep. The picture was out in The Star a few days back. The phone is a Razr2V8 - though I'm still trying to figure out how to use the more complicated functions.

    I haven't had much time to update the pages in as I've been travelling quite a bit for the past few weeks. Will keep you guys posted on the updates though. Thanks for the note!=)

    p/s: blogs are much more update-friendly.

  7. Lol. Ok, No prob. I'll check it out again after you've completed your updates. :)

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