Facebook Photo Tag

When I first got myself a Facebook account (mainly due to peer pressure) I discovered a whole-lotta amazing Web 2.0 applications - one of which was "Photo Tags".

I remembered thinking to myself, "This is an incredible application."
What it does is that it enables users to identify and connect with others through a mere photograph.

I'm pretty sure to some - it also serves as an effective way to scout for good looking people who happens to be a friend of a friend of yours, leading to...
"Hey bro! Remember me from kindergarten? I know I haven't spoken to you in 15 years but who is that friend of yours in the picture? Do you know her? Can introduce?"

Anyway, back to me - since I'm not really an avid user of facebook, I don't spend much time exploring every nook and cranny of each applications. So when I looked into 'Photos Added by Others' in the gallery for the first time in months, here's what I saw (some of which I don't even recall being involved in).

Trying super hard to pull off a Zoolander look but failing miserably with Dawn (Miss Msia World 07 Runner Up).

What I see: a plug on top of my head.

What I don't see: the person holding the plug.

"Lucky him. Or her."

Signature double thumbs up before my talk at the 1st NYEC 2008.

Noticed that mini Rakan Muda badge on my left pocket? I was politely compelled to put it on.

Chilling out with Aida the Turtle and sticking my tongue out shamelessly.

BTW, I was told by the student group in charge that the costume was hand made - leading to admiration and me physically molesting the turtle.

Only to later find out that Aida was not a fictional name for the turtle, but the name of the girl inside the costume.

But hey! She didn't complaint. (rolls eyes)

Wah. This pic is super old - and yes, you can tell by the colour and the length of my hair.

F4 was at their peak at that time.

Posted up by Gloria Ting. In contrary to Dawn, she went all the way by bagging home the MMW 04.

One of the Boogie Night Out moments with Tim and newly met friends.
For those who read comments in my blog - the one far right is Immi.

Malaysian Youth Entrepreneurs trying to combine intellectual super powers.

The hand position reminds me of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Seeming like a usual Friday night at Liquid/Frangi.

We couldn't have looked more gay.

Mindvalley party - grinning like an 18-year old excited over Sangria.

OK. I don't know what Khai Lee was trying to do - but do try to read the comments at the bottom of this picture.

Time to squint those eyes.

And again, I'm lost for words.


  1. wah, my 15 mins of fame. lol. :P miss those times lar. erm... let's see when we can do the boogie night thing again eh? ;)
    small world, i've met khailee once thru work and he knows a few of my friends... hehe.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. why you sexually harass the turtle? no wonder khailee got excited.

  4. so cute la you. rub-a-dub-dub the turtle - lucky aida. *smiles*

  5. joanne: continue here la. :P u've called us to request for sponsorship when u guys 1st launched youthmalaysia.com. :)

    joel: sorry ar, use ur blog as tool again. :P

  6. hi joel!

    After reading your blog post i went to check my tagged photos too. But not so popular like you laa..tak byk gambar. :(

  7. The pic with aida the turtle is so cute!!! =P

  8. wah really f4 leh that hair style!

  9. immi: reaaaaaaaaaaaaallllyy??? *squints harder* omg i think i'm officially old. i honestly don't remember! sorry sweetie..

  10. joanne: lol, it's fine really. :) was attempting to jog ur memory abit.

  11. Joel, I've got more embarassing photos of you from high school. :)

  12. esther: those f4 moments have long gone. saw vanness in the movie Three Kingdoms earlier.

    jac: send me the photos!

  13. eh. the turtle was super cute man. super impressed since its hand made too.

  14. Joel, I don't have the soft copies of the photoes. Remember back then, we didn't have digital cameras and survived on films and negatives? :)

    Btw, I can use them against you now that you're all so (quote) 'famous and cute' (unquote). :P

  15. eh woman. pass the hard copies la. i'm sure i looked like a rockstar back then.=)

  16. jac, you should sell the photos. you'll be millionaires in months. :D

  17. actually Aida is the name of the mascot. Stands for Awareness Interest Desire and Action and also in Arabic means 'returning' :))

  18. Yeah, a rock star... I can still remember distinctly how your hair was back then.. .. .. rock star from the 70's perhaps? :P