Melbourne: A City For The Arts

"At the end of this rainbow, I found love. Love for arts."

Overlooking the city after a downpour - 47th floor of Sofitel Melbourne.

I arrived at my destination within 8 hours of flight - 4000 miles east (to be precise: south-east) of KL.

Melbourne, well known for its high population of asians; made me feel at home right away. One thing was missing though - heat. Extreme weather conditions that fluctuated to as low as 7 degrees centigrade (considering that its supposed to be spring) wasn't so favourable to the boy from the tropics.

Dwelling in Southbanks for the past 2 weeks was a bliss as it was a 10 minute convenient walk to the city centre. Eye-opening, I found random art pieces aplenty fixed onto the ground with probably no particular purpose - except aesthetics.

Check these out.

Random pillars. The closer one looks Singaporean. Probably planted there by one.

The infamous flaming pillars along Crown's Casino. Yes, it combust mammoth flames towards the sky.

Cool looking walkway dividers along Yarra River.

If placed in KL, it'd serve as a rollerblading ramp.

Floor graffiti - I dropped a 10 dollar note and it really disappeared.

Horrifying statues placed next to the pedestrian traffic lights. If I was Australian, I'd start a riot to get those removed. Total waste of tax payers money.

Taking a break after a whole-lotta walking. Thats a 'Backyard Burger'. Got the name from a nationwide name-it burger contest.

A wall to systematically place event posters. Its supposed to keep the public walls clean.

In contradiction, I was told these walls were specifically meant to be sprayed on with graffitti.

These too. (I'm starting to think how much of it is true)

My favourite picture in an art gallery visit. Check out the description below.

Quite cool isn't it.

Me with the legendary pixar ball - after visiting the pixar exhibition. The technology which lead to the production of the revolutionary animated movie, Ratatouille.


  1. I like the first picture with the beautiful rainbow across the city of Melb. Knowing that you're lucky enough to view it from Sofitel Melbourne, Feng Shui indicates that that good news is coming your way. =) I hate the picture with the ghostly statues, eerie =\ Anyway, glad that you had fun and kind enough to share the interesting 'Melb Art' with us.

  2. I remember those flame towers. It used to scare tourists as they are walking along the river. Its nice to see those landscapes once again.

    Is the 'rollerblading ramp' nearby the arthouse?

  3. Jen,

    Yep. The statues looked kinda ghastly. Walked into them during my first night in the city. There are so much more art pieces around. Its a waste I couldn't snap them all.

  4. Aisya,

    You're absolutely right. The flame towers can be quite scary.

    Not too sure whether its near the arthouse. I saw that architecture on my second night there. Guess I still wasn't very familiar with the city then.

  5. hi joel. i like your blog. its very sleek. all the way to melbourne having mcdonalds? you're a brand-loyal aren't you?(smiles)

  6. p/s: by the way i didn't know you were into arts. didn't seem like it in The Firm. haha.

  7. Eh, how does the pillar looks singaporean?

    haha, thats so random, just like the art pieces.

  8. after looking at it for some time, it does look abit like the singaporean lion. keke. if thats what u meant.

  9. It's funny how we both went to the same place but did TOTALLY different things.

  10. Kim,

    Thanks for your note-worthy comments.

    Reason for the Mcdonalds trip was an unfortunate pizza breakfast somewhere in the suburbs of Melbourne - gorgonzola cheese pizza. The blue cheese was kinda overwhelming, therefore decided to stick to something that I was more familiar with for the next couple of days. Healing period, ya know.=)

  11. Kitmey,

    The art feel of the Singaporean Lion's mane? =) You aren't half-singaporean are you?

  12. Kev,

    Not really man. I went to Stalactite too. Had greek salad - awesome stuff. Not to mention fed square. They were having the footie finals when I was there. Live screening with thousands of fans.=)

  13. keke. gorgonzola is super powerful. i only had it once, ever before. but australians love their wine and cheese moments.

  14. Hi Joel,

    Read the cover story of you in The Sun this morning. Great to hear a young person like you doing good things. All the best and keep it going. Let us know more on what you are doing through your blog. P/s: This site is well-done.

  15. Really will disappear in the hole?!

  16. No, Chris. The cash flew away due to strong winds. Didn't help that it was dark too.