A Trip to the Barber

I was speaking to Khailee on the mobile earlier today and one part of the conversation entailed..

Joel: What you doing later?

Khailee: I'm going to the hair saloon and spend 3 hours there to do up my hair.

Joel: Eh, you sound just like my mom - every weekend.

Joel and Khailee: (Laughters)

So feeling a little heavy in the head - I decided to do the same.

I guess its about time I pay a visit to the hair saloon - to get rid of the mane on my head.

Pre Hair-cut: A snapshot of rememberance - of what is left.

After one long hour of - snippings, shavings, a real good head massage and hairdryer action, I'm done.

Let me know your thoughts. :)

p/s: This is probably my most adventurous trip to the barber over the past 10 years.


  1. hey i was only joking abt the 3 hours thing ;p

    neways i went to chill out at the curve w a friend instead

  2. It is a pity that you got cheated by Khai Lee just via a conversation over the phone. At first I thought it is the work pressure that prompted you to have a haircut that almost get you bald. I personally think that not too short hair suits you better. At the meantime, I also think getting bald is a good way for you to get rid of all the white hair you have. Overall solution is to have not too short hair, and to dye the white hair to brown. =)Means - this haircut doesn't suit you.

  3. You look...'Speechless'...People would not be able to recognise your looks now.

    Looks like those legendary 'Shaolin Monks' from Jet Li's epic films. Well, i believe with this new look for a couple of months, you would be able to breathe new image to your venture as a Youth Businessman!

    Do more publicity stunts with this new look! Certainly, people will remember you!

  4. You certainly do look better with, erm, more hair. haha

  5. Hah!I prefer the first one.....*speechless.ur hair,ermmm u hair.ermmm u look older lar! Ok!u shouldn't cut ur hair wei!

  6. JOEL NEOH, what were you thinking? Did someone piss you off or have you become too lazy to style your hair everyday? LOL. Initially I thought you had your hair tied back and thought you looked like a samurai! Oh well, that's what you get when you go to a barber I suppose. Still prefer your "longer" hairstyle :)

    By the way, you should tweeze your eyebrows since it is more obvious now. :D

  7. one word...


  8. dude....nice. must feel much airy too, hehe!!!

  9. When your hair is short, more emphasis is given to your physique neck downwards. Maybe need to wear different clothes to match it too. It is definitely a different look lah. Hehheh, care to go shorter?

  10. You look different yes...but...it doesn't suit you lah. Keke. But it takes guts to do something different once in a while, so hats off to you for that. :)

  11. oh cool! so here's our YS founder with his cool new look! i'm sure a model fears no new styles. i bet you'll look awesome with a striking post of a smart model. =P

    but i do think it'll be better spiky. lol! hi mr YS Founder! thxs for founding YS! it's a lot of fun at least for me during holidays! =)

  12. it has been quite some time we never meet each other after your graduation . I am surprise that you have cut your hair so short , cos you love your hair so much last time..

  13. khailee: WHAT?!you conman..

    michael: thanks for your everlasting optimism.

    vincent: yes. it is VERY airy. =)

    kev: when you come back - we'll do it together.

    dheepan: GUTTTSSSS!! yeeaaahh...(expressing my manliness)...did i get the spelling right?

    chrishee: hey! you guys are the life behind YS. any gatherings planned yet? (grin)

    anyway, thanks for ALL your comments thus far, though some have caused 'grievances' - in memories of the mane.

    i'll share with you the reason behind the cut tomorrow night.

    till then...

  14. U look better before your haircut LOL

  15. in memories of the mane.


  16. hi joel!

    i'm not sure if the ys community is ever going to make a date thus far coz 2 accommodate to everyone's needs sounds impossible.. and the boss is not in the house.. somemore our initiator at first, leslie, he never appeared for like decades already.. must be busy. maybe you can drop by and suggest a date and venue!

    mr khai lee just showed his face in ys this morning and it was like wow! ys loyal peeps are crazy over it! well i was, n i bet craxgrl n salocinten were same. haha! coz he's our ys founding father too! and after so long, never saw u guys in ys..

    i'm sure you can stir the crowd in ys! cya thr! =P

  17. The new cut reminds me of Joel at 17.

  18. o.O
    joel... why....? :P
    well, u did it! u proved ur manliness! hahaha...
    with this, i think it's pretty clear where i stand, hair-wise. ;)

  19. If you look closely on the right, slightly above the ear, theres a part where the hair looks "sliced"...and why the ends of the hair so blurred one?

    Haircut, or practicing photoshop? :P