A Guitar Prodigy

I started playing guitar when I was 12.

I was pretty good at it when I first started - till my best bud, Chee Teong started going for guitar classes.

Thats me and him like 2 years back in my first car - a red satria. (The pink tail that you see above my right shoulder belongs to a pink panther i used to hang on my side window)

At 14, Chee Teong was considered one of best guitar players - in Subang that is.

We created a band, we started performing for events (prom, parties, LEO/Interact installations, etc), we impressed some girls, we had a following in school - oh and we even got booed off stage once when we were playing Metallica's Enter Sandman as the closing song during a ball event for SMDJ. Yes, that was us.

While couples were trying to slow dance - we were blasting with heavy metal music. Now, why on earth did we choose that song!

All in all, we rocked the Klang Valley music scene as young musicians - with Sony Music contacting us, showing intesrest to sign us up.

What happened then, you ask? Why didn't I turn out to be a rockstar?

Their first viewing of us was at the SMDJ ball. Yep, how coincidental.

If you were wondering what the name of our band is - its Acillatem.

I'm sure you're like Acilla-what?

Here's a tip - think Metallica. If you don't get it - you need a check. =)

Anyway after all the ramblings - this is what the post is all about.

Last night while I was jamming with my acoustic @ home - I searched YouTube for an acoustic version of With or Without You to make a comparison.

This is what I found.

Sungha Jung.

I'm speechless.

Do check this one out too - Canon in D. (Esther's Request).

Now, speaking of guitar prodigies - he's definitely world class.

Makes you wonder - what you were doing at that age...=)


  1. Trying to perfect chris daughtry's Over You and howie day's Collide at the expense of severely painful blisters on left fingers :(

    wat's cool about this little boy is he intertwined music with emotions :) cute kiddo

  2. Jonathan Tan15/4/08 3:23 PM

    Hoi Joel!

    Random surfing and chanced upon your blog... seeing Chee Teong's face only brought back waves of memories.

    Primary school is apparently haunting me - Fazleen from our class back in 6 Cempaka just joined as a colleague. Didn't recognize her at all...shy only. :P

    Oklar, I'll be popping by here now and again. Keep in touch!

  3. You really didn't have to mention the Enter Sandman gig at SMDJ's prom night...

    Anyway, my personal favourtie moment(s) of our guitar-ing days was playing Hotel California in the "bilik alat pandang dengar" in the company of Stella and Vivien, while they sang in perfect harmony.

    I can confidently say those were YOUR favourite moments too.

    Take care dude.

    P/S: That Sungha Jung kid surely shits all over us.

  4. I'm totally speechless over Sungha Jung....

    What did his mom fed him??? Guitar??? the guitar practically like his third arm...

    I must be ashamed with myself cause at his age, i was still fighting with my bro over the bicycle...

  5. If you wanna know,when I was his age,I'm plotting business ideas in my tiny head.Honestly.I have plenty of business ventures during primary school...and I always gets into trouble with school authorities,wonder why? Couldn't they see I'm an entrepreneur in the making? Insted of getting support and encouragement,I got an invitation to meet the headmistress insted...my mother was upset with me.Whats the matter with all this people?