The Journey Continues

At 23, I've initiated a couple of decent ventures, established a non-governmental organization and signed up for Malaysia's first corporate reality show The Firm on NTV7 earlier this year.

My life's journey continued as a young entrepreneur in 2004, while I was still in my third year of university, and it has been my passion ever since to inspire more young Malaysians to take up this unconventional path.

I took up Mechanical Engineering not by accident. In fact, I love every bit of what I've studied.

During my earlier years, I found myself striding runway of fashion shows and being shot for established local media - by accident. I'd like to believe, then is when I gained confidence in doing what I'm doing today.

I've just been announced as the winner of The Firm - last Sunday to be precise, yet it has still not sunk into me.

Do check out the exclusive interview in The Star (27/08/07).

If all little I've said tickles your fancy, I'd be glad to have you as an audience. It'd be pleasant to hear from you on how you think we can inspire and empower others, especially the young ones.


  1. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your winning in the 'The Firm'. This success is the core proof to the young Malaysians that age is not a barrier to hinder young people competing in the ever-challenging corporate world. It's not only about the creativity that counts, it's also about the easy adaptation of young individual to the quick changing environment. In The Firm episodes, I believe the qualities you possess are truly tokens of respect among the young Malaysians and you should be an inspiration to everyone, including myself. You have demonstrated consistent determination, and willingness to learn with your humble character, a warm welcomer of new opinions, absorbing the opinions and modifying them into creative ideas, the ability to socialize- mandarin we call it 'ren yuan', and the hardwork (it doesn't matter what it takes to get your objectives met, as you will go extra miles to make them accomplished!). Of course, everyone has their flaw parts which we all regret after certain assignments. However to me, every regret is a learning curve to improve further as long as we acknowledge the mistake and move on with the corrected steps. The backbone to my life principle is 'Never believe in success without first working hard' has basically been indirectly approved by you, and I am very thankful to you for strengthening my determination to work much harder than before. Thank you, and I am very proud to be your ex-collegemate. =)

    Jennifer Eu W.F.

  2. Well, at least, you make your dreams come true. You made impossible become possible.

  3. Well done, mate! Hope you still have time to catch up with your former high school classmates from time to time... considering you are now living the busy life in limelight...

  4. kudos, Joel for winning The Firm.

    looks like its (creative & quick adaptation) 1 - 0 (rigid & stringent)

    IMHO, experience is important but if you dun have that "learning" ATTITUDE, its not going to get you far.

  5. Hey guys.

    Thanks for the support. All of you receive my utmost appreciation. The past 3 months has been extremely demanding, and it didn't help that the other candidates had more years of experience under their belt.

    lichoong: You're right. Persistence and having a good learning attitude does take you far. In fact, being a good team player is as imperative as being a good leader.

  6. hii joel. i'm so happy you won. you have shown that malaysian youths boleh. congrats!

    p/s: you're soo cute (my friends think you are too) =p

  7. Hey yous.
    This may come a little late, but congrats on your win! I really think you deserved it especially at the 2nd last challenge (I didnt see the last episode sadly)when you did the whole different take on the flea market.
    I thought it was a really smart thing to do.
    Congrats again and for someone at such a young age, you seem to be going places which is great.

  8. Dear joel

    hi and hello joel congratulation to you . remember whatever you do in life always help the poor the sick and the needy for god is watching us ok take care

  9. Congrats Joel. You have won 'The Firm.' Do keep in mind that 'Humility' will enable you to win The World. Just my observation. You may delete this post. Best regards.