Of Cars and Pillars

Clearing pictures from my mobile - I found this series.

These pillars are lifesavers.

Recently, a friend of mine spent 45 mins in the basement looking for her car - distressed, she filed a report for car theft to the security guards - only to find it parked safely untouched at the outdoor carpark 2 hours later.

Surely, the guards weren't too pleased.

One shocking snapshot while driving around my neighbourhood earlier this year.

That's got to be one heck of a powerful engine.

Of Weddings and Marriages


1. My closest friend in primary school, who also happens to be the shortest boy then, ended his bachelor days and tied the knot last weekend. (none of us would have thought he'd be one of the firsts)

2. Every week i noticed a few Facebook friend status updates changing from 'In a Relationship' to 'Married'. (which doesn't shock me as much as from 'Single' to 'Married' immediately)

3. Two girls i dated back in high school/college got hitched earlier this year. (no, i wasn't invited - and no, i wasn't offended)

4. This year , I've received more than 20 wedding invitations. (that's a LOT since all these invites were personally addressed to me and not to my parents with courteous invitation to the entire family.)

5. I wish weddings were more surprising, rather than the cookie-cutter agenda: bride + groom entrance, 4-piece jazz music, best man speech, photo slideshow, standard 10-course chinese dinner (no, chinese tea should not be considered as 1 course), 'yam seng' session, group photo taking etc.

6. No, I don't hate marriages - i'm just not giving much thought to it. (yet)

7. If you're a wedding-holic, a friend of mine started this site which you can check out: http://theweddingguide.com.my


This weekend... Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival is back!

Kickstart 2009 with shopping, competitions, performances, showcases, gatherings and over 100 activities organised for youths by youths.

Free entry! Just bring your friends

Date: 9-11 January 2009
Time 10:30am - 9:30pm
Venue: PWTC ~ Putra World Trade Centre, KL
Entrance: FREE

Who's going to be there?
Almost 20,000 youths have already claimed a PRIORITY pass to skip the long queue. I’m sure some of your friends are going, do check with them.

Who else is going?
Bands, online communities, celebrities, facebook groups, entrepreneurs, bloggers, dancers, photographers, fashionistas, student organisations, and thousands of youths!

What? 100 activities? Like what?

Here are some exciting activity highlights:
CREATIVE MAFIA – Shopping + Arts + Fashion + 3 Publishing Houses, 2 Caricaturists, 10 Designer Foods, 30 Fashion Accessories, 40 crafters, hair salons, make up artists, DJ school, 5 college arts/fashion departments... 100+ creative youths with a fashion show

Career Attack – A career fair of alternative careers for this generation!

The 2nd National Youth Entrepreneur Convention – 15 different lifestyle, media, and technology entrepreneurs under the age of 30 share their journey. Register your seat now.

Battle of the Bands "Beat the Buzzer" – Up and coming bands get 3 minutes to show their stuff and the crowd decides if they're IN or OUT! Intense and fast paced!

Youth Community Meetups – Various online communities, Facebook groups, and community movements meet face to face and mingle!

So much more! Eg. Foosball tournament, Photography 1 on 1 Shootout, Caged Futsal, Cosplay Competition, Celebrity Sessions…

It’s not too late to compete and participate.
See the full schedule of activities!

Wow! Anything else I should know about?
Every 1000th person who comes with a PRIORITY pass will get a RM400 G-SHOCK watch! (We’ve got 17 pieces to give away).

YOUTH'09 relies on the power of YOUTHS to make it happen... so what mysterious stuff do young volunteers do? Everything is revealed on http://youthsays.com/youth09/volunteers

Remember to check with your friends if they are going….

YOUTH'09 is built on the success of last year’s YOUTH'08, where 20,000 Malaysian youths gathered over 100 different activities, and RM300,000 worth of cash and prizes… this year the hall is TWICE the size! And the event will have TWICE the impact!

More information on http://www.youth09.com/

It begins this Friday, all the way to Sunday… See you there!


Last month, I received a phone call from Moses, a friend of my dad.

I remembered our initial contact, being introduced to him when I was just a 17-year old in high school. He’s definitely in my list for one of the friendliest person I know.

He suggested a casual meet up at his office premises in UCSI, and I thought – what better way than to catch up after uhm...8 years.

I arrived 10 minutes early, and headed to the cafeteria to have a drink.

I looked around and noticed a few young people running around, aggressively approaching the students who were walking in from the main entrance.

I approached them and found that they were part of an entrepreneurship programme – selling products to earn extra income. Interestingly, I was told that the programme offered credit points which are tied to a class subject.

Meeting new people, trying to sell them something, earning money and getting higher marks for a subject – sure sounds like a good start for some practical entrepreneurship.

Half hour later, I was in a spacious office room, discussing with Moses about everything under the sun – students, work experiences, entrepreneurship, MBA programs and food!

A simple phone call led to introduction of the few core leaders behind the UCSI organization.

Including the chairman of UCSI.

Dato’ Peter Ng. E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year 2007.

We spent almost half an hour talking and sharing, mostly about the journey on entrepreneurship. His current project is the establishment of the BOS Regional Research Centre right here in KL.


Synergized effort with a successful global brand will surge UCSI into the eyes of the world.

Just last week, UCSI received their University status and I’m extremely excited for them. This organization is definitely one to be watched closely.

Anyway, the 2nd National Youth Entrepreneur Convention 2009 is now open for participants to sign up. Hop on to www.youthmalaysia.com/nyec.

This is the avenue to unleash the fundamental passion in the young – that while we breathe, we hope, and where we are met with cynicism and doubt, and those who tell us that we can’t, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Yes We Can!


12 Email Messages...

46 SMS Text Messages...

81 FaceBook Wall Messages...

...and counting.

Feeling very appreciative of each and every wish and I too, hope the best for all of you in your future undertakings.

Turning 1 year older this time seemed slightly different as compared to the usual parties, celebrations, gatherings from the previous years.

11 October 2007.

11 October 2008.

I know.

The office isn't the best place to spend the night, my night...but I'm really excited with the progress of work projects especially with YOUTH'09 and YouthSays.com. Addictive! :)

Well, it's 5.30 am. I'll be heading home now.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! (Thanks Khailee for my birthday pic)