Pancakes, Anyone?


Clearly, not on my list of favourites.

Two weekends back, 4am – Khai Lee and I were hanging out at our favourite food place in Kota Damansara.

A tiny Cat started following us around harmlessly - listening to all our juicy conversation about work, work and more work.

I noticed the disappointed look on Cat's face as she occasionally doze off, wishing she had been watching Desperate Housewives instead.

As we were leaving, Cat tailed us. And hid under my car tyre.

No, Khai Lee was not trying to do a break dance headstand.

He was searching and whistling at Cat to move away so I could drive out without making cat pancakes.

Failed attempt. Cat refused to budge.

Cracking our heads for a decent solution - we were quite sure Cat would not be able to resist from the temptation of a late night snack. What more, crispy fried chicken...bones. Yum. :)

It worked like a miracle.

In a split second, Cat pounced on the cardboard box and starting chomping on those tasty KFC bones.

Glancing up to the sky - i whispered a short thank you to Colonel Sanders.

(Attempting to quote like a 'popular blogger')

No, this is not an advertorial for KFC.


  1. hie.

    i love cats and KFC! i live in kota damansara too. do you often go to the drive thru?

    maybe if i stick around long enough i can catch you there. keke.

  2. later, the cat started breakdancing too

  3. lol.. break dancing with you huh khailee?? =p

    that picture of Khailee sure did crack me up with your caption Joel. =)


  4. Mmmmm. Cat pancakes ! LOL
    Though I really liked that picture of Khailee doing a break bend =)

  5. No Fishy fish instead? the cat must be very hungry thou..

  6. hahahaha...kind also have a "taste" for KFC...hahahaha///

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  8. don't dancing in the road KFC, just say hello to everbody.

  9. what are u doing dear young boy, don't see like that, go and go and go.

  10. Cats are not dogs, maybe stray cats eat bones since they dont have a choice- but by right, cats should never be fed with bones ever. They will choke to death.

    What I normaly do is place a small container of cat biscuits and one or 2 cans of dog food at the back of my car with paper bowls. Whenever I see a stray animal, I stop and feed them and give a bowl of fresh water.

    It sounds a little too much to some, but since I am not bringing the pet home or am in a rush most of the time, that;s the least I could do. Everyone in my family and all of my friends who are animal lovers do it too.

    I have 13 cats at home and they were all stray cats.

    Please don't feed stray cats bones anymore Joel- you can use bones or strings or whatever to get him out of your car etc, but dont feed it with it.

    If bones were meant for cats, food manufactureres would have sold bone food for them eons ago, but they aint doing it for obvious reasons.

    Thanks + God bless