Ex-Monash Sunway Campus: Walking Down the Memory Lane

Strutting back into the old Monash campus (now inhabited by Sunway College) brought back lingering memories of life back in University.

More so, Lecture Theatre 1.

That's where it all started - for me.

My first lecture.

Nine in the morning, I reported in - sitting on the third row from the front, attentively absorbing every word that was delivered by the facilitator, nodding in excitement every 15 seconds.

On that very first day of University, I remembered being introduced to, now, one of my favourite lecturers of all time - Dr. Lan and my very first friend in Monash - Jeffery.

Six years later, I'm back in that same hall, but this time round - standing with a mic and speaking in front of over a hundred students.


I had never imagine being back in that fashion. Defintely, not as a speaker.

As I walked in the room, I was greeted to a deafening applause - for some reason that I'm not particularly sure of.

But what I'm sure of, was the feeling of humility that hit me.

The humility through the warm reception that these young audience have extended, to welcome my presence.

I particularly don't remember, ever, clapping in a lecture hall. The sound of even a single clap would have been foreign to me. What so, many.

Thank you, students of Victoria University Sunway. You have my fullest appreciation.

For twenty minutes I shared about the journey of my life - emphasizing on the past couple of years spent on entrepreneurship.

Summing up the enduring years of hardwork in minutes made me realize how far I've come since those days when I was sitting on the opposite side of the hall.

I've been very blessed.

After the talk - I received questions aplenty, maybe 20? Maybe 30.

But there was one particular question which took me aback.

"What is that one characteristic that you have that have made you come this far?"

I thought for quite a while. 40 seconds maybe.

I bluntly replied "Er...I don't know."

I just couldn't identify that ONE characteristic. Perhaps, there were one too many, that along the way I've realized were of high equal importance.

Joanne, butted in - saving me the blushes by answering on my behalf. :)

Her answer was: Flexibility of Adapting to Various Circumstances.

Thanks, Jo.

Back in the office, I sat comfortably on my office chair, tilting my head back and started to reflect on all the tormenting experiences that I've been through. Those which even pushed me to the brink of quitting.

Then, a single word came clearly to mind.


Passion for the business, passion for the people behind the business and passion for the success of the people behind the business.

If not for passion, I may be sluggishly working with an establish organization and waiting for that fat paycheck to come in every month.

If not for passion, I may not be able to work with these great people around me today.

And if not for passion, I would definitely not have this story to tell.


  1. Hi Joel,

    I was at the session earlier and you've changed my perspective on life.

    Thank you SO much for sharing. I look forward to speaking to you in real life again soon.

    Once again, thanks!

  2. Hi Joel, great session earlier. Just checked out Youthsays.com, awesome site, to be honest this is the first time hearing and knowing bout your success story. anyways very interested in your business and wouldnt mind helping out in events and all during the holidays, drop me an email if you need any help aight, jay_z_lasalle@yahoo.co.uk, thanks and keep up the good work.. oh yeah side note : im the one in the 4th row, 3rd from the left.. thanks!

  3. Hey Joel,

    Thanks for sharing your experience of life. Wow, so I wasn't wrong in saying that what drives you was your passion on entrepreneurship(I was the yellow T-shirt girl sitting on the second row)
    Yeah, you're right Joel you've come a long way in gaining valueable experience in life but hey life's a journey right, not a destination.
    But the question here is, Youth Malaysia is an NGO thing right so how do you really earn money by the way? I know for sure that one can earn net income from e-commerce businesses but with your firm, how do you even do that?
    Sorry, me and my friends didn't ask you during the session because we forgot to.
    If you can share it here, it would be great.
    Thanks Joel.

    Miss Chan

  4. Ya, with passion, one can do ANYTHING! My Ironman dream would soon become a reality in err... 5.5 months? Hahhah.

  5. joel, this is such a good post. So inspirational, as you are too. :) Cheers, and see you soon


  6. I'm here to wish u HAPPY BIRTDAY and found out that u're ex monash student. Wow! ... because I'm currently Sunway UC student ... AIKS... how on earth can I missed your story? ><

  7. feels great huh to be talking in front of a lecture theatre?
    nerve racking but a real confidence booster..
    aahh..i miss muoss days..

    happy belated bday!

  8. lol.. perhaps you went speechless to the question is cause the blessings you receive comes from our Lord Jesus =)

  9. Joel, you are really the person who i admire so much. You are so young, and so active in various activities. further more, you are already a successful entrepreneur.

  10. hehehe ahhh the days of monash hehe nice memory.

  11. what the meaning of lol???