The Resuscitation of a Blog

*Knock knock*

Yes, I'm still here. :)

Life hasn't been much of a rollercoaster over the past 2 months. Nothing spectacularly new - aside from my new Ray-Ban Aviators.

Personally, I've been involved in creating new ways to push for work consistency and deliverability of the Youth Malaysia organization. With the recent launch of our Youth Research Panel and plans for our annual event YOUTH'09 in January - the next few months will be crucial.

Btw, we're looking for good people to be part of our organization. If you're outgoing, trendy, energetic, passionate, dynamic and driven - drop me an email at

YouthSays is also looking for a community manager. Click here.

I'll be in Penang next Tuesday to speak at the Penang ICT Week. Let me know if you happen to be there. :)


  1. hello joel.

    you're doing a good job with

    btw the giant flowchart looks really interesting. i wonder what secrets you are writing. haha.

  2. Ewalo and warmest greetings from the natives of Headshot.

    We recently saw your article at the recent issue of "Today" paper.

    Nice article. :)

    Do visit our blog too at

    Looking forward to hear from you soon. Seriously :)

    Thanks a lot. Have a nice day. Or a bad day. Your choice.

    LunaG @ Headshot @ 2008

  3. Oh, btw, it seems that you're looking for people for and its future events?

    Do you need a video/photographer? I can do that too. :)

    LunaG @ Headshot @ 2008

  4. thank goodness u're still writing! hehe. i really thought u went MIA liao. anyways, good luck with ur projects n good to c u again. =)

  5. kk: no secrets. try zooming in using photoshop. :)

    immi: my fingers are still halthy and intact to type. good to see you again last weekend.

  6. hello Joel,

    Dropping by to say thank you very much for the comment on my blog..
    I really appreciate your advice.

    Anyway, good luck with the preparations for the annual event of Youth'09 :)

  7. AAAAA... Aviators!
    love'em! XD

  8. you suck la man.. All you do is take empty crap only. especially if u r using blogspot , i have seen far more promising blogger than you who not only deliver what they said.

    PS: i m sick of seeing ur ass face on malaysian today newspaper.. don't they have enough money to hire someone more professional and qualified?

  9. hey buddy..why you say least he has a young soul to let others more understand with us...

    good luck joel!!!

  10. Hi Joel. Happy birthday to you. All the ebst in life. God bless.

  11. Wish U Many More Happy Returns of the Day, Hope You Enjoy This Wonderful Day with Your Family and Loved One


    A. Nizam Shah

  12. I love your website:) youthsays!