I'm at one of the busiest moments of my life.

And I started Twitting. :)

What has the fuss been about?
1. Esther is back from Melbourne.
2. Khailee is now full steam into being action oriented in our ventures.
3. Joanne has just launched her pet project at http://www.youthecho.com/. Its fun! (I admit to being addicted)
4. TYI Sessions with Deric being in-charge is coming up.
5. Jialing is thinking of some cool video projects.

Met up with a couple of cool people over the past weeks:
1. Jeff Roberto from Friendster.com, San. Fran (and yes, we brought him to Friendster Cafe in Damansara Perdana - a lawsuit to follow? hehe)
2. Sandy the ex-president of AIESEC Malaysia (she's mind-blowing!)
3. Poh Si from TheCicak.com fame is settling down in KL
4. Janne from Finland who's speaking abilities make people cry
5. Regine an ollldddd friend who's moving to the next phase in life
6. Kris Khaira a rockstar in CSS and fellow activist moving to KL
7. Jon Lee a future superstar musician
8. Datuk Ong TK our favourite Minister of Transport - who is just an amazing person to talk to.

Random Pic:

Me and the First Lady + Youth and Sports Minister.

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  1. Aie.. Someone's addicted to YouthEcho as I can see.... The servers are down so I can't put my final article for the month.