Entrepreneurship in Tertiary Education Centres

Later today, I'll be launching Taylor's first Student Company - ProPassion Communications.

Being an excellent initiative - I'm extremely excited for the students and believe they will do exceptionally well.

When I was back in University, with the mindset of changing the world - I had to start my company externally.

The process encompassed: Searching for a company name with the ROC, registering a bank account, back and forth with the company secretary, working initially from home and even McDonalds, finding an office space, recruitment of part time helpers, buying tons of files,receipts,books and plenty of random stuff, etc.

With the current initiative of tertiary institutions taking a more proactive approach in promoting entrepreneurship - i'm sure it'll prove beneficial to the students.

In fact, just last week I was invited by Sunway University College to dine with the winners of the Sunway Apprentice Challenge.

Myself; Ms Lee Siok Ping, Director of Student Services Dept; Elisa Dass, Student Services Dept.; Winners of the Sunway Apprentice Challenge

Its extremely inspirational meeting other passionate driven youths with so much energy within.

Not to mention, Avanti served us well.

Speaking of energy with relations to lack of food, its 3.30am right now and I'm planning to hit the sack real soon.

And yes, its really late but I'm currently trying to complete the speech for later.

Reason: This week = swamped.


  1. I agree with your points about entrepreneurship being emphasized and pushed by colleges.

    Yet, i still think that this 'Trend' intensified especially after 'The Firm' was launched, an event in which you would remember for life - I am sure.

    And i believe, many youths were inspired with your achievements being the youngest guy in the whole competition, and yet, you presented credible traits to succeed as an entrepreneur!

    Like Taylors pulling off their entrepreneurship student ventures may be partly due to their alumni's tremendous successes, Khai Lee and yours.

    So, you gotta feel confident that you may have brought upon the next wave of 'Coolness' in entrepreneurship.

    Thats what i feel.

  2. Joel,

    Please check your email.

  3. Swamped, you say?

    I feel you.

    pft. =)