Handicapped? Mentally.

I got this photo from Li Choong.

Li Choong: If you know the owner of WPK 6393, kindly let him know that he is taking up 2 parking spaces for the handicapped....and I don't think he is handicapped.

The owner of this car should be thankful that it was Li Choong who snapped this photo, and not me. At times - I think Li Choong is just too polite.

Btw, Li Choong was our school's Head Scout and Class Monitor.

My thoughts on the driver: "He surely is handicapped. Mentally."


  1. how rude and inconsiderate! he/she is definitely mentally handicapped! *grr*

  2. Its funny how insensitive drivers can be. Now for the spooky side of the story:

    Traditional Chinese Beliefs that if you ridicule others' privileges, especially those who are weaker or like the picture, handicapped...

    You are inviting bad karma to fall on you...Spooky...

    It can be Considerable to park on one spot, but parking on two spots of the Handicapped Parking either shows that the driver is so Bad as a Driver that he should not even drive, or that he is so heartless and too selfish.

    Well, i am in NZ, and if you park your car that way, it will get pulled away and you are rewarded with a NZD $350 fine which is nearly RM800 Malaysia.

  3. Maybe this person thinks he's considerate enough to allow another 2 cars to park next to him?

  4. he need an eye check-up! lol...

  5. I've seen similar car parked in Times Square on weekdays. Clearly signs that they need a new coat of paint.

  6. Wat an inconsiderate jerk. Sad to say, there are many around.

    I once encountered an idiotic a$$ who double parked his Harrier and blocked my car at Bandar Utama Centrepoint. I was honking away and nobody came... until half an hour later.

    And he finally came walking casually and never bother to apologise at all (which trigger me to vocally blast plenty of %*#&$*!! in various dialects at his face). And that idiot was working out in the gym the whole time!!!

  7. I saw this car.
    He/She didn't have a handicapped sticker anyhoo.

    I left a "nice" little note on the windscreen and proceeded to ask whether they clamp cars at that mall.

    I'm not as nice as Li Choong either.

  8. There was once a stupid Vios (seems like got common theme) who parked behind me un Uptown. Horn horn horn...don't come. Take our gear lock. Whack glass. Pull door lock and lower brake. Push car forward. Go out.

    At most when the a$$h0l3 come back out he will sue me for one window. If I wait, I waste my time. If you have to go change your window I don't mind to give you the money and you go to waste YOUR time.

  9. I believe i took this picture, your friend li chong probably never credit the original owner? heh

  10. ahh, and here's the link, thank you very much

  11. li choong has to learn how to credit ppl's pictures.

  12. Guys, Li Choong merely forwarded the picture, just like any other link when we come across some worthy material. If you are worried about being not credited, I suggest you leave a copyright signature on your picture!

  13. Nope! He deliberately parked in the middle so as to leave some space for 2 more cars of the handicapped. Observe clearly,the size of the 2 big parking lots are just nice for 3 vehicles.