Youth Friendly Company of 2007:

We bagged it! has taken home the Youth Friendly Company of The Year award at last weekend's AYA Dream Malaysia Awards. (It was so friendly that the newspaper article had to award me with a more, um, glamorous name. check it out here)

It has been a thrilling year for all those who were involved in our platform.

AYA Most Outstanding Youth Award 2007 Dr Kenny Lee & AYA Youth Friendly Company Award 2007 representative Joel Neoh

It always feels good to win an award, but what is more meaningful to this award is it was won with many others - through perseverance and hardwork throughout the journey.

Come to think of it, we have only been around for less than a year. Thus, it makes it even more nostalgic as we have strived and slogged so hard, ever since we barely even started. It's ironic how we actually won the youth 'friendly' company of the year. I think cruelty was more significant throughout. Eye bags, dark cirles, grey hair, hair loss, acne, stress breakdown, wrinkles, flu, cough, fever, dengue and many other foreseen circumstances have been overwhelming the crew member since.

For those who have shed tears and blood with us, it has been great pleasure working with all of you, and am looking forward to the many more years to come. As a little note of appreciation, the following (in no particular order) are some of the many individuals whose involvement, whether direct or not, have made a huge difference in realizing our dreams and passion:-

Mr. Chan
Ms. Chan
Chai Wen Leong
Ivan Yap
Kenneth Voo
Alan Thien
Boon Siang
Andrew Lim
Joanne Soo
Michael Chen
Natalie Tang
Fareeza Ilyana
Li Leng
Vincent Tan
Tseng Yang
Basil Foo
Natasha Tan
Ah Yip, the truck dude
Tracy Moey
Mark Lee
Gnoh Jia Ying
Petrina Jo
Christy Lim
Hong Keat
Jeffrey Choong
Wendy Foo
Dinesh Manoharan
Shelly Hang
Debbie Hing
Dorothy Tong
Tse Minh
John-Aidan Low
Shean Tho
Ching Yee
Yeow Yang
Roberta Ng
Connie Ko
Alan Pua
Yuet Ling
Adrian Ong
KL Tan
Yvonne Ho
Regine Chen

and to all our sponsors, advisors, partners, youth amplifiers, writers, photographers, contributors, the four thousand members and the tens of thousands of volunteers that helped us throughout the Gegar U! project.

If I missed any of your names out, kindly give me a kick on my comment space.

We'll be celebrating our 1st Anniversary on 19th January 2008. So, stay tuned and we'll keep you posted!


  1. nice durian. very significant.
    thorns to remind you of the blood... the sweat and tears come after, when you can't get the durian open.
    and the reward - sweet, creamy, delectable flesh - the fruits of your labour.
    mmm... yummmy. can't wait for durian season to come again. : )

  2. congrats to you and your team. the updated site looks well done. for all the hard work you guys have endured, kudos. youthmalaysia rawks!

  3. congratulations joel!

  4. congrats!

  5. hey there
    firstly, congratulations !
    and about the youth 08 event, is it for the whole 3 days or only on 19th of Jan?
    cant seem to find that info in that website =)

  6. Hi Phingy.

    YOUTH'08 will be held for 3 days from the 18th till 20th Jan 08. Meanwhile the inaugural National Youth Entrepreneur Convention will be held on the 19th Jan 08. We're launching both programmes this Thursday, 15th Nov 07 at PWTC, 11am. You're most welcomed to drop by.=)

  7. ping2: speaking of sweat and tears, preparing for the launch has resulted in quite a handful.

  8. Joel said...

    ping2: speaking of sweat and tears, preparing for the launch has resulted in quite a handful. don't say.

  9. Another one in the bag eh, my dear friend. I like the durian looking trophy.

    Joanne, what do you mean by " don't say." Lost you there.

  10. Hey James,

    It's an exclamation, emphasizing on my agreement with the sweat and tears statement. =)