Hey guys.

We'll be launching the inaugural YOUTH'08: Malaysia's Youth Lifestyle Showcase at PWTC, this Thursday, 15th November 07 at 11am.

See you there!


  1. Dear Joel,

    Regret that I couldn't attend the event to hear your lo-so speech. I'm sure your event will be a fruitful one to all the clients met. Put on your spectacles, okie!


  2. Hey Joel. I'm one of the people who looks up to you. haha

    I hope that the scope of your project will reach Kuching, Sarawak in terms of its activities. If you do, you"ll have my support. :)

  3. i missed it! sorry sorry. just read the blog post. anyway, let us know earlier next time k. ;-)

  4. Hi Joel..

    Couldn't make it for the launch.

    How did the event go? With you around, I'm sure it'll be a blast!

  5. Joel,
    how to you address matter which you need to complete and overcome within a time frame, with insufficent information and time constraint?

  6. Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the support. The launch went great. Right now we're in the process of preparing for the actual event in January.

    i'm hafiy: Well, we can't reach Kuching this time round, but instead we're bringing a part of the state here. Kenny Sia will be speaking at our youth entrepreneur convention.

    enn qing: Maybe you can share with me more details on the dilemmas you are faced with?