Men's Health Cover Oct '07

To be frank, I’m quite exhilarated.

And if you were to ask why - that's me on the cover of this month’s Men’s Health.

To be on the cover of MH has been one of those little things in life I wanted to achieve ever since I stepped into the modeling scene. Hansen (from NTV7’s The Breakfast Show fame) and I have talked about this since eons ago; I just never thought this day would come.

So a few of days back, he rang me up. We spent a good few minutes talking, reminiscing on the good old days when we were just starting out as models.

The conversation which entailed went something like this:

“Hey man.”

“Hey man.” (Yes. We've got the same greeting line, if you noticed)

“Happy belated birthday! Tried calling you yesterday, but I couldn’t get through.”

“Thanks man. I thought you had forgotten. It's hard to accept the fact I’ve turned 24.”

“Yeah man. Remember the time when we first started modeling? It's been so long ago. Like what, 3 years?”

“3 years? Wow, that's a looong time.”

“By the way, I saw you on the cover of Men’s Health. After how many years we've been talking about it, you FINALLY shot for it la. Geez, what took you so long, man?”

I paused for a couple of moments, reflecting on the past. It's been quite awhile since I last modeled; ever since I started my hike as an entrepreneur, my modeling career has taken an inactive turn due to the lack of time. I'd love to resume walking on runways one of these days, but only when time permits me to.

And now when I least expected it, my little aspiration has come true.

So if you guys hit the bookstores, do check out the issue.


  1. Save me a copy, eye candy ;)

  2. Got a copy from the publisher last week, looking GOOD =) The picture with the cap on looks the best!

  3. you're hot! (melts)

  4. Save me a copy too, *wink*

  5. yep. you are darn hot i must admit. i'll battle it out with aisya.:-)

  6. omg. i bought 2 copies!

  7. I'd save a copy for you CT - just so that you'd stop winking at me. Or probably you can get it from anon - he/she bought 2.

  8. Aisya & Kim

    Count me in the battle =P

  9. no fighting you guys. we'll ask him to share us out. ;-). right, joel?

  10. Hey Jo,
    I still have YOUR copy. Do u want it back? hehe

  11. hey guys i really wanted to read a copy of the interview again coz i read it real quick somewhere but i can't find a backissue to buy. can anyone send me a jpg or excerpt ? or joel can you post it up here ? i really want to read his secrets to success. thanks. my email is