Of Weddings and Marriages

1. My closest friend in primary school, who also happens to be the shortest boy then, ended his bachelor days and tied the knot last weekend. (none of us would have thought he'd be one of the firsts)

2. Every week i noticed a few Facebook friend status updates changing from 'In a Relationship' to 'Married'. (which doesn't shock me as much as from 'Single' to 'Married' immediately)

3. Two girls i dated back in high school/college got hitched earlier this year. (no, i wasn't invited - and no, i wasn't offended)

4. This year , I've received more than 20 wedding invitations. (that's a LOT since all these invites were personally addressed to me and not to my parents with courteous invitation to the entire family.)

5. I wish weddings were more surprising, rather than the cookie-cutter agenda: bride + groom entrance, 4-piece jazz music, best man speech, photo slideshow, standard 10-course chinese dinner (no, chinese tea should not be considered as 1 course), 'yam seng' session, group photo taking etc.

6. No, I don't hate marriages - i'm just not giving much thought to it. (yet)

7. If you're a wedding-holic, a friend of mine started this site which you can check out: http://theweddingguide.com.my


  1. as long as you don't make me plan yours! (like in my nightmare where you made us all wear crew tags and pressured khailee to go look for clients to sponsor your wedding)

  2. Joel... the problem with boring weddings is that they are never for the bride and groom. Weddings are for the parents to announce to all their friends that their children are getting married.

    That's why we have honeymoons...

  3. I am a wedding-holic :) Can't wait to plan my own!

  4. lucky i skip most of my model friends wedding due to work cos im a workaholic not wedding-holic.
    the only wedding i attended was harith iskandar and jezamine at port dickson thistle nice place which turns out to be like a reunion cos most celebrities are there and it was not easy to gather them all..best part of all no 10 or 8 course meal cos its buffet style yay n we hv the best singer in town..even thou Jaclyn victor is there nope she did not sing...