Of Cars and Pillars

Clearing pictures from my mobile - I found this series.

These pillars are lifesavers.

Recently, a friend of mine spent 45 mins in the basement looking for her car - distressed, she filed a report for car theft to the security guards - only to find it parked safely untouched at the outdoor carpark 2 hours later.

Surely, the guards weren't too pleased.

One shocking snapshot while driving around my neighbourhood earlier this year.

That's got to be one heck of a powerful engine.


  1. hey, i totally do the same! i have tonnes of pillar pics on my mobile. Lifesavers!

  2. u totally same as my housemate but i dun blame her since she spend 7yrs in ukraine studying medicine but she gv me her hp n wanted me to find her car by looking at it ,it's annoying.im not everyones carpark gps.her phone full of collection lke urs..halo use ur brain,irs not that hard.i dun even hv to remember cos its easier to remember what is the 1st shop u saw when u reach inside the mall.too many pics confuse u.
    but i hv to say im blessed with freaking good memory ,klcc was renovating n they hv so many level of carpark n all look the same, somehow i was rushing due to the jam to meet a singapore emirates head recruiter for asia ,i forgot to see the 1st shop but somehow my 6th sense or senses just tk me walking (my car i park was hidden by pillars)but it was weird vry weird not the 1st time..freaky but i hv to say thank you God for helping me with carpark issue so i can help others.
    but hey i notice smartphone hv apps like jonas/carlos where is my car and gps to track ur carpark.alot wc u will see in market place,android mkt n so on..so wat could u ask for more