The Firm Season 2

Hey everyone,

I'm sure you would've seen the TVC for The Firm Season 2. 

For those of you who haven't, here it is:

Okay so I know the folks on NTV7 has glorified me a little too much in this TVC. Don't be fooled though. Being on the show is not all about the glam, really.

Let me tell you why.

When they say the show puts to test your corporate skills pertaining to ALL sectors, they really weren't kidding.

Here are some of the things I did during Season One. 

1. Exercising on national television, with millions of pairs of eyes fixated on you while you perspire.

Joel exercising with teammates Jahar, Angeline and Keng Teck.

Episode 1: Fitness First Open Day

2. Carrying cartons of drinks.

Episode 1: Fitness First Open Day's call for desperate measure.

3. Persuading the public to join your event, in every way possible.

Episode 3: Burger King challenge

Episode 1: Fitness First Open Day challenge.

...and watching them run away from you.
Episode 1. Yes, the lady was running away from me.

4. Blowing balloons with your teammates.

I'm not kidding you - they were a LOT of balloons.

5. Directing photoshoots. (I have to admit - this was a lot of fun.)

Episode 4: SilkyGirl task.

6. Filming Ernie's shaving experience.

Episode 5: Gillette Mach3 Turbo task

7. I even played doctor.

Episode 2: Nesle Omega Plus cholesterol awareness event

So you see, being on The Firm isn't all that glamorous, actually - if you think yo're up for the challenge and driven enough to reach the top, then the competition's for you.

Not for the fainthearted, for sure. ;)


  1. Michael Teoh19/2/08 12:52 AM

    I agree with you 100% Joel. Being in a reality show like The Firm really brings out those 'Raw' talents among those business executives like yourself.

    Some may argue that with high qualifications and with a high pay slip, you would be embarrassing yourself by taking bottled drinks to people or even like you mentioned, making announcements through the megaphone.

    BUT, let us remember the basics - We need to start our journeys somewhere, and having the courage the re-do all those 'Front-line' tasks, not only allows you to understand the feelings and the surroundings of your market, but also understand the workload of actually being 'Out There' than being stuck behind the Office.

    Again, i salute your experience with The Firm and i am glad that you embraced those opportunities to go out there and do those tasks!

    Perhaps that is why, everyone in the business scene regard you so highly!

  2. Hi joel.

    your post is ever too cute. tee hee. i like the one with you chasing the lady. i'm sure she's kicking herself now knowing who was after her.

    i'm agreeing with Michael. i think you're exceptional and one of a kind.

  3. i saw the ad last week on NTV7. so nice to hear that they are doing the second season. are you in it?

    i surely won't miss out.

  4. hye guys,

    i have been selected as the finl contestants for season 2. I think the youngest maybe.. ehehe

    Support and watch me guys! i'll be giving my best in the show :)

    "its not what you have, Its how u get it!"

  5. Hi ...i have been searching for some blogs about the show - and i am happy to say that I got into the show also. However, i am currentlya way for work and was not able to attend the briefing..after reading Joel's blog - I am very nervous but can't wait as well!