Election Fever? We want YOUR say.

5th March 2008 (Latest Update):
YouthSays.com have been featured on today's The Star newspaper. It was surprising as we were not notified and only noticed it only after flipping through the papers.

Check it out here.

P/s: We took only less than 24 hours to put up the site. Way to go for internet entrepreneurship eh. The internet is indeed a marketeer's playground. :)

28th February 2008:
In light of the current electoral issues, I realized that youths in Malaysia have been sidelined, and are perceived to be uninterested in politics and voting. This is not very beneficial for our youth community as they will be the ones implementing policies few years down the road.

We're launching www.youthsays.com to collect the voices of Malaysian youths to make a statement that the votes of youths are still relevant - our target for collection is approximately 5000 votes. So whether or not you're voting this year - let us know.

Vote now!

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