MOTORAZR2 V9: The Launch

Remember the MOTORAZR2 V8 release in September 07?

click here to read about the V8 launch

Well, with a (+1) addition to the model number, Motorola launched the MOTORAZR2 V9 - and I have only one word for it: Fantabulous. For those of you who have not checked it out, please do - and while you're at it, let me share with you a photo of me trying to snap Zul's head off with the giant Razr.

Don't worry. His head is still intact.

Now the V9 is not only equipped with richer multimedia features and has a higher edge in technology; the coolest feature for this phone to me is: WEBSHARE. Even to the extent of uploading a blogpost with a video/pic within 20 seconds. It's by far the most user-friendly Moto phone to date - without compromising on the sleekness and edginess of the Moto trademark.
Back to the launch of the V9 with the Moto Ambassadors.

The launch of MOTORAZR2 V9. (L-R) Corrine, Azura, Zulkifli Mat Jusoh, Azizan Nin, Joel, Eric Chong.

Being the unconventional brand, the launch of the V9 was conducted via a Japanese groundbreaking ceremony, whereby we had to break a Japanese drum with mallots to unveil the phone inside.

Before that, it was time for a round of drinks.

Yup, sake it was.

All of us getting ready to break the drum in one hit. See my excitement?

Now, see, here's the thing. We planned to break the drum, together, in ONE hit.

Guess what? It tooked us 5 hits each to be exact. Thats 25 in total.

Joel: Eh, I thought we planned to break it in one hit?

Azizan: I know. But I missed. Azura was blocking me la.

Corrine: Don't tipu ok. You guys didn't even hit the center of the drum.

Analysis: Due to the after effects of intoxication through sake, we practically missed our first few tries.

Conclusion: Don't drink sake when you're trying to hit something.

Finally, after a hard day's work, we were back to more photo opportunity sessions with the media.

One thing I must say, though. Now that the MOTORAZR V9 makes blogging so convenient, I can't wait to see what technological breakthroughs Motorola will introduce next.


  1. nice phone! kimono looks pretty :)

  2. hiii. wah. phone baru?