The Sun: Cover Story by Ping²

10th October 2007, Wednesday.

8.00 am: Phone has been making odd noises non-stop and I started to wonder whether it was coming to the end of the world.

8.02 am: Flipped out the Razr2 V8 (shall be refered to as 'the phone') - 11 new messages.

8.03 am: (Puzzled) Ignored messages and back to the bed due to late office meeting the night before.

8.07 am: More odd noises from 'the phone'.

8.08 am: Decided to sacrifice good sleep to check on 'the phone'.

8.11 am: Source of odd noise: Premature birthday messages.

For more read, click here.

Big thanks to Ping² for publicly announcing my 24th birthday to the nation. I'm sure this year's received presents would be a lifetime record high. And NO, I'm not sharing my presents with you. =)

Jim K: That was a quick response to my earlier blogpost. Speaking of brand-loyals, you're one for The Sun.


  1. Hi Joel,

    Decided to submit to the pressure of checking 'the phone' huh. Anyway, the article was very entertaining. And yes, I'm into free reads. Cheers to The Sun and Ping Ping.

  2. wah, so cool. anyway Happy Birthday to you! may all your dreams come true.

  3. Hi Joel,

    Finally, the article is out. Good work!

  4. You can't get anymore glamorous than this.

    Half day leave for your staff members on your birthday? :D

  5. Hey Joel,

    Happy Birthday to you!

    The article was very inspiring & entertaining. I enjoy it very much!

    Cheers :)

  6. Hey you.

    Good stuff going on there. Keep it up.

    All the best in your future undertakings and happy birthday!


  7. Another birthday wish to your list... happy birthday, mate!

  8. Sharing the same page with Alan Yun. Mmhh, nice .. hahaha

    Btw, looking good in the pics and great article.

  9. Serves you right for reminding me how young you are. That was my birthday present to you! :D

  10. Hey all,

    Thanks for all your birthday wishes. You guys rock!

  11. Joanne,

    Just saw your comment. Would have given you guys a day off if i had seen it earlier. Its unfortunate I didn't. Now, back to work! =)

  12. Ping2,

    Many praises for the well-written article. It couldn't have been any better. Catch up with you next week at Mont' Kiara.

  13. Thanks! Always glad to help.
    As for your staff getting the day off, there's always next year. : D
    I'm sure they'll remind you earlier next time.

  14. :p
    Mission complete!?
    Already send your pixture!!
    mr photoguy!!