8TV's Ghost: Guest Appearance

Last week, I stepped into the production studios of Ghost, an episodic drama to be screened on 8tv. Marking my acting debut (of probably a 5 minute scene), I play the role of Ben.

Can't say much about the show, but Cheryl potrays a similar role of Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer, whereby she is able to see ghosts and beings from the spiritual realm.

During lunch break. (L-R) Naz; Joel, Carmen Soo and Cheryl Samad.

Try taking a wild guess on who will be depicting the ghost. (Tip: View the above pic intently)

Do catch the show.


  1. keke. looking good there!

    so naz is the ghost? can't be carmen right..i'm guessing you are playing carmen's bf. very secocok. ;-)

  2. Hi Joel!
    I only watched one episode of The Firm. And you are one of the few contestants that i remembered. Anyway, do you know where can I get/download The Firm series? thanks

  3. joel...you're so cool!

  4. Will definitely catch it. Looking good as usual. By the way, I saw you on the Men's Health Magazine Cover yesterday. You look more mature there.

  5. When's the show going to be aired? Or is it on tv already?

  6. you're such a heartbreaker.(grins)

  7. aisya: Can't tell you that. I've signed an NDA. It's the producer's secret to make viewers watch.

    anon: Thanks. I don't really know where you can get the series. My copy is with khai(another contestant in The Firm). You can try getting it from her.=)

    miss jojo: The show is not out yet. Should be end of the year or next.

  8. Hi there!!

    Googled 'Ghost' and got you... I had a 5 mins acting debut for their 4th episode =) Was very nervous but Cheryl & Naz were such lovelies!! Cheryl mentioned that the series would be on next Jan/Feb...


  9. i've watch the show every week !
    i lovee it so much though ! =D

  10. Hello Joel, I saw you on Ghost when I watched the series last time. Not too bad. And I would highly recommend Ghost to people out there.