That's right.

I'm flying off for a well-deserved (I'd like to think so) holiday tonight.

This break would be considered the first in quite a while. With next year's planning in progress, I've decided that it'd be the perfect time to clear my mind, by taking time away from the city buzz to seek inspiration elsewhere. I'll be heading thousands of miles East (guess where) to meet super-lovable people and will be back in town early October.

Just to stay connected, I'll be lugging my laptop across the continent. I'm sure I'll find more time to blog update then. Stay tune!



  1. The last reserved is the best.

    Well, I wish I could go for a holiday as well.. hahaha..

    Enjoy ur holiday!

  2. Is it Australia? Since the people there are super-lovable and the place is so very awesome?

    Anyways, enjoy your hols. :D

  3. its definitely australia! i've studied there before. the second picture is melbourne's yarra river.

    hope you're enjoying yourself. don't forget to buy us presents.keke. :-)

  4. Hey there.

    You guys nailed it!

    I'm currently in Melbourne, Australia. Was over in Sydney for the weekend to spend time with a good friend of mine. Currently, back in Melbourne till next week - yes, its really cold. The temperatures here can be quite extreme - almost 7degrees last night.

    Oh well, at least it gives me a more valid reason to purchase more clothings.=)

    chris: be nice to zailan. that'll help.=)

  5. Aisya: Yarra is stunning during the night time. I'll post some pics soon. (Watch out for the flaming casino) =)

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  7. I had always been nice to everyone, isn't it? Especially Zailan..