Am I a Blogger?

Last month , a friend of mine - Jessie Soon from Malaysian Today rang me up to find out if I'd be keen to a contribute to the papers.

After agreeing - two weeks later, the contributors were introduced in the article above. The question I asked myself was - "Really? Am I a 'Blogger' now?"

'Bloggers' in Malaysia has always been known for their rebellious nature of flaming the government and just being a total nuisance - leading to law suits and court cases.

Certain leaders in our country has at some point even referred to bloggers as monkeys.

Maybe, its a sign for us to revisit the Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution where it is believed that human evolved from apes.

In comparison, lets take a peek at some friendly well known bloggers in Malaysia.

Kenny Sia


Timothy Tiah

Do I know them personally? Yes.

Are they very much like monkeys? No.

Recently, my dad has been discussing intently with his friends (yes they are more than half a century old) about blogging and they seem to have their own WRONG perception about blogs and how it functions.

So I tried explaining to him that blogs are just merely another publishing platform to communicate information to the public. Just like how the newspapers function. Its not rocket science!

But, dad still couldn't picture it - or maybe he didn't want to accept the simplicity of the explanation. Being in the education and research field - he believes that there must always be a complicated explanation to everything.

Disgruntled, I showed dad this video last week.

Now, he is eternally grateful to me - having obtained bragging rights to explain this new media concept to all his friends over teh tarik.

Anyway, coming back to the earlier question - "Am I a Blogger?"

In the past I'd cautiously state that I do blog occasionally - but no one really reads it.

Now, since its published, I guess I don't have a choice but to admit - "Yes, I'm one of them - bloggers. But I'm in no way related to Raja Petra."

Looking on the bright side, at least if I go to jail today, I'll bring Daphne Iking with me.

Anyone keen to join us? :)


  1. hello joel. i read the article in malaysian today and found you here..when will your column start?

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  3. I don't always like being called a 'blogger'. I don't want to be regarded for what my blog appears to be. But I want people to see me - the congruent person. Otherwise, it's just too easy to lose your true personality and identity.

  4. Totally agree,come visit me in jail if-and-only-if you're not in jail yourself.haha

  5. Perhaps I'll be ever ready to go to jail with you. LOL. I know I'm radical, and to a stronghold of thousands, even normal words can be as effective as expletives.

    By the way, that monkey pic was hilarious. =)