That's me!

Another one of those facebook photo tag moments.

But this time, I'm silenced by the shot.

Back to a grumpy old school teacher moment, "Shouldn't you guys be paying that 110% attention while we were trying to impart out little knowledge, hopefully impressing you during our 10 minute utter."

(For those of you who are not aware - the shot was taken by one of the participants, Jade, during the 1st National Youth Entrepreneur Convention 2008.)

Anyway, don't intend to be narcissistic in this post - but i'll be attending the Joseph Abboud launch at Pavilion next Tuesday.

Being invited by their PR Agency through facebook (for those of you who don't have one, go get one).....

The role: Sit down and watch the fashion show. (Er. Boring...coz its a menswear label. Pft.)

Additional roles: Lepak and socialize with the media. (Sounds fun! Media people are just awesome people to talk to. Sometimes leading to small talk and nonsense also la.)

And this is what I'll be dressed up in. Handpicked by myself. Head to toe.

Best part - I'm taking it home.

Thanks Joseph.

(This pic was snapped using my trusty Rzr2 V8 during the fitting session yesterday.)


  1. thanks immi.

    the other pieces i selected couldn't fit me. US designers tend to cater for bigger and wider men.

  2. keke...thanks Joel! XD

    oh yea, great talk in IACT that day too. thanks!

  3. thks jade - you guys were super audiences.

    so what's been on your plate at recent - classes/holidays/etc?

  4. XD

    oh no...not i wish~

    everyone's worst nightmare- ASSIGNMENTS! ASSIGNMENTS! and more ASSIGNMENTS!

    oh gawd~LOL!

  5. when are you guys having time off?

    do let me know if you know any driven young advertising students who are on break/have graduated.

    i'm on the lookout.=)

  6. jade: assignments eh. hire someone to do it for you :D

  7. joel: Like for us, we only have a week of sem break.JUST A WEEK!

    ok..sure! no problem....i'll keep you informed! =D

    joanne: So...joanne, are you up for the challenge? u're accepted! THANKS A MILLION! lol.

  8. a week? that's crap. well - you can do the usual redang 4d 3n student package. i remember back in college, the package was a hit! they even did flyering and placing banners during exam periods knowing we'll be off for hols soon after.

  9. holidays a week...and i'll be back in Penang helping out with the Arts-Ed for youths. This time on the conservation of old buildings.

    Arts-ED is a Penang Arts in Education kinda thingy where youths get to learn bout almost anything on our collaborates with schools, Penang Heritage Trust, Badan Warisan Malaysia, the State Education Dept, UNESCO World Heritage Education, and other related regional bodies.
    so yeah, check it out at-

    We also did on the Warisan Idol where we did research and all..and come out with a website on the Living Heritage:
    - Muhammad Haji Salleh the poet
    - Sim Buck Teik, the rattan weaver - Datuk Chuah Thean Teng, the batik artist

    Do check them out! XD CHEERS!

  10. wow sounds interesting. It almost seems as though Penang is the only state that seems to be making an effort in preserving our Heritage architecture and buildings.
    The last time we got in touch with Badan Warisan Malaysia was when a few of us ransacked this haunted Cinema in Kepong which had been abandoned for over 20 yrs. Found all the plans to all Cathay cinemas all over Malaysia. We then contacted Badan Warisan Malaysia and handed the documents to them. What a find! Damn scary too.

  11. keke..interesting!

    yea Penang Heritage Trust is doing a great job!
    Soon, the inner city of George Town will be one of the UNESCO Heritage Site...i think Melaka too. =)

  12. You look good in that outfit :P

  13. assignments are not necessrily boring,you can talk crap all day and still get decent grades.(as long as you have really good supporting facts).Embrace the chance to express your individuality and originality,thats what the lecturers really wanted,not just raw facts(I mean,whats the point to repeat everything he already knows anyway)good luck.